Sunday, 15 July 2012

Review: ST. TROPEZ Gradual Tan Mousse

Okay so to be truthfully honest I hate tanning mousses as a rule they just seem to get all over my clothes, bed sheets and always seem to go patchy on my wrists, backs of my knees and inner elbow no matter what way I apply them I just cant find one to suit me. I wish i could use them beause they always look so natural and give a lovely glow to everyone else.

When I saw that ST. TROPEZ Gradual Tan Mousse was save up to £5.00  in Boots I jumped at the chance as Gradual Tans are my go to product when im wanting that sun kissed look all year round. So normally it is £30.69 for 240ml which i find ridiculous for a fake tan but when it was £25.69 I was a bit more determined to give it a go as I had always wanted to try it but was very wary due to the price.

So onto the application:

I exfoliated as normal on Thursday morning with my soap and glory Pulp Friction and planned to tan on the Thursday night and this worked out perfectly. It was easy to apply and although you cant see where you have applied it I was still left with an even tan HAPPY DAYS! It also didn't stick to any dry patches.  It is fair to say that I didnt wake up with the deepest tan, it was very subtle I reapplied the next night and I have now been left with a gorgeous tan that personally I think looks very natural. It has the same scent as all the other ST. TROPEZ which I don't like and is very strong. However, I wont complain as I have never found a fake tan that I enjoy the smell of. It also contains aloe vera so it is conditioning to the skin and doesn't dry it out which other fake tans can do. Iwouldnt reccomend this if you are wanting a tan for the next night as I find it takes a couple of applications to build it up to the right colour.

I have also been on to the ST. TROPEZ website and they sell this tan for a whole £10.00 cheaper! This is a definite tanning product for a fake tan virgin! I would also reccomend this product to be applied with a tanning mitt.

                                     Chloe xxx

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