Sunday, 15 July 2012

Top Tip Edition 1! How to make bright lipsticks last

We've all had that embarrassing moment when we realise we either have lipstick on our teeth or it has disappeared apart from the lip line so it looks like all we have applied is a bright lip liner and left our lips nude (so not a good look). Well there are a few solutions to stop this happening YAYYYY!

I am going to use MAC's amplified lipstick in 'impassioned' as the example and before this just went all over my face but I now have a few solutions. It is a bright pink with more orange undertones.

How to stop it disappearing as quickly- There is a very easy solution to stop this and there are 5 main rules-
1. 'Dab' it on so it creates a light lip stain
2. Blot
3. Reapply by 'dabbing' to create a heavier lip stain
4. Blot
5. Apply how you would with a normal lipstick either straight from the tube or with a lip brush

'How long has that lipstick been on my teeth?' This is a regular occurrence for many no matter how much we try to stop it and my tip is
-Apply your lipstick normally and once youre ready stick your finger in your mouth placing your lips around your finger and simply pull it back out. It should take everything that was on your inner lip away.

You can also stop lipstick from bleeding around your mouth by applying concealer just outside your natural lip line once you have applied your lipstick.

Hope this helps Chloe xxx

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